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The market is weekly, on Sunday, 1-4pm. Stop by to see the new and returning vendors!  For a list of participation vendors visit their website: https://castleberrymarket.com

About the market

At Castleberry Market, their mission is to create an enjoyable shopping experience that customers of all ages can appreciate. Since 2019, this market has provided the Castleberry Hill community with quality products at very attractive prices. This market is home to a number of local professionals who go above and beyond to give back to the community through their product offerings.

We’re excited about the Farmers Market!

Support our local farmers, bakers and chefs and get fruit, veggies, cheese, artisanal bread, eggs, honey, coffee, ready-to-heat-&-eat foods plus a whole lot more! The market accepts EBT and doubles your coins with GF4L from WholesomeWave GA.


We want to support our local farmers, bakers, and chefs to obtain veggies, meats, breads, and artisanal foods available in Atlanta for our community! 

We would like to start our Farmers Market this fall. And, we wish to have it weekly on Monday’s, 4-7pm. We chose this day of the week as there are no Farmers Markets locally on this day. There is no charge to be a vendor at this time. let us know if you are interested in becoming a vendor!