Review and Comment on Proposed Zoning Districts!


Atlanta Zoning 2.0 Now Ready For Review.

Over 10,000 public comments have helped shape Atlanta’s proposed zoning for the 21st century.

Thanks to your feedback, over the past year, the City’s Zoning Rewrite Consultant team has been busy converting Atlanta’s existing Zoning Ordinance into the new ATL 2.0 Zoning Ordinance “Discussion Draft.” This process has been guided by the Atlanta Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Diagnostic Report, public comments received in the 2022 and 2023 Idea Labs and Focused Workshops, and other City initiatives. The work has also been coordinated with the City’s ongoing Comprehensive Development Plan update, which you can learn more about at The new Zoning Ordinance will be released as a series of modules. Please join us on Monday, May 20th at Habitat for Humanity for the first of several meetings to review and discuss the new code. 824 Memorial Drive, Atlanta 30316.