Parking Restriction Notification for Bradberry Street, Effective July 16th

Starting July 16th, parking is restricted on Bradberry Streeet SW. Please see the notice below from Public Works.


Sec. 150-92. Parking on narrow streets. Signs indicating no parking upon any street may be erected when the width of the roadway does not exceed 20 feet or upon one side of a street as indicated by these signs when the width of the roadway does not exceed 30 feet. And per petition received from residents of Bradberry Street, SW to prohibit parking on both sides of the street.

Effective Monday, July 16, 2018 parking will be restricted along both sides of Bradberry Street, SW between Fair Street, SW and Haynes Street, SW. This restriction is an effort to provide safe passage and accessibility for residents as well as for emergency vehicles. The City of Atlanta Department of Public Works will install “No Parking Tow Away” signs along the east side of the street and any necessary additional signs along the west side of the street where parking is already prohibited.”

If you have any questions or concerns email or contact Michael Frierson in the Dept of Public Works:

Michael Frierson, Public Relations Manager, Department of Public Works
55 Trinity Avenue, SW, Suite 4500 Atlanta, GA, 30303-0394 | Office: (404) 546-6254 | E-fax: (404) 739-4764