“MacGyver” Filming Sept 13th-15th

CBS Studio Network will be filming in Castleberry Hill for the TV show “MacGyver“. Filming is scheduled to take place on September 14th from 7a – 11pm. Prep work will start September 13th and
filming will wrap up on September 15th between 7a-7p.


Lane Closures | Notification Letter
– South side Stonewall St from Northside Dr to Walker St 9/13-9/15, 12am-11:59pm
– East side Walker St from Fair St to Stonewall St 9/13-9/15, 12am-11:59pm

Off-duty City of Atlanta PD officers will be on site during this time to ensure the successful flow of traffic through the area. If you have any questions, contact the production office at 404-662-4017.