Comedy Hype

Jon Aba, the Founder of Comedy Hype discusses his business enterprises.

Jon Aba stuck to his dream of running his own business and sharing with the world his idea of a good conversation about comedy.  Aba is an amazing, energetic, multi-faceted entrepreneur with a streak of fearlessness he inherited from his mother. A native of Atlanta (SWATS), Jon moved to Hawaii in high school when his mother accepted a position with AT&T which required relocation. Once he returned to the “A” he knew wanted to tap into the digital landscape and capitalize on the genre. Inspired by the popularity of digital platform Worldstar, he decided that comedy would anchor the foundation of his business enterprises. He consequently created the very successful YouTube channel Comedy HYPE News Show (nearing 1M subscribers). Business has expanded tremendously from this comedy base. Check out Comedy HYPE https://www.youtube.com/@ComedyHype

I recently stopped by Jon Aba’s HYPERS Clubhouse compound at 255 Walker Street and was amazed at all the goings-on there: HYPERS Club, the lifestyle and creators membership club where one can enjoy monthly events, entertainment and hospitality; HYPE+ Studios where creators can book time to create content such as podcasts, skits, photo shoots (portraits, special occasions, fashion events); the HYPE Market where fashions designed by local artists are showcased and sold. Want some living greenery? Plant Zaddy can be found here.

Hypers Club Studio is the main stage and lounge area where comedians perform and are broadcast on the Comedy Hype News Show platform featuring bits by well-known standup comedians and including entertainment news and clips.  Even though the focus is comedy, the show also discusses serious issues and focuses on providing a voice for the Black community.  Comedy HYPE hosts an open mic every week. Each Monday, check out:

Admission $10

For additional information on how to book space to create content, co-working space, or to host events, go to hypersclub.com to learn more and book a tour of the facilities. Follow on Instagram @hyperclubhouse

HYPERS CLUBHOUSE |  235 Walker St. ATL, GA 30313