Jon Aba, the Founder of Comedy Hype discusses his business enterprises.

Jon Aba stuck to his dream of running his own business and sharing with the world his idea of a good conversation about comedy.  Aba is an amazing, energetic, multi-faceted entrepreneur with a streak of fearlessness he inherited from his mother. A native of Atlanta (SWATS), Jon moved to Hawaii in high school when his mother accepted a position with AT&T which required relocation. Once he returned to the “A” he knew wanted to tap into the digital landscape and capitalize on the genre. Inspired by the popularity of digital platform Worldstar, he decided that comedy would anchor the foundation of his business enterprises. He consequently created the very successful YouTube channel Comedy HYPE News Show (nearing 1M subscribers). Business has expanded tremendously from this comedy base. Check out Comedy HYPE

I recently stopped by Jon Aba’s HYPERS Clubhouse compound at 255 Walker Street and was amazed at all the goings-on there: HYPERS Club, the lifestyle and creators membership club where one can enjoy monthly events, entertainment and hospitality; HYPE+ Studios where creators can book time to create content such as podcasts, skits, photo shoots (portraits, special occasions, fashion events); the HYPE Market where fashions designed by local artists are showcased and sold. Want some living greenery? Plant Zaddy can be found here.

Hypers Club Studio is the main stage and lounge area where comedians perform and are broadcast on the Comedy Hype News Show platform featuring bits by well-known standup comedians and including entertainment news and clips.  Even though the focus is comedy, the show also discusses serious issues and focuses on providing a voice for the Black community.  Comedy HYPE hosts an open mic every week. Each Monday, check out:

Admission $10

For additional information on how to book space to create content, co-working space, or to host events, go to to learn more and book a tour of the facilities. Follow on Instagram @hyperclubhouse

HYPERS CLUBHOUSE |  235 Walker St. ATL, GA 30313

Meet Karl Booker: Master Barber, Artist

Off The Hook Barber Shop is a breezy, busy operation located at 257-A Peters Street where the fades are faded and the crowns (hair) look fantastic. It is a barbershop, true, however it is also a gathering space where patrons and soon-to-be patrons feel welcome as they walk through the door. Patrons share friendly banter as highly skilled barbers demonstrate their individual talents. Pro jerseys and sports photos line the walls. General news, sports stats and business news are exchanged, keeping community up to date on what is current and what is yet to come. 

Karl Booker, master barber of nearly 30 years and owner of Off The Hook Barber Shop is very intentional about the atmosphere cultivated here. He wants everyone to feel good when they walk in and to feel even better about themselves when they walk out the door. Booker has developed a traditionally male space into a place where even grandmothers feel at ease to wait inside when bringing their grandsons in for a haircut. There is a strict no gambling rule at Off The Hook Barber Shop, and Booker is adamant that no client will be disturbed by solicitors of any sort while waiting for service or relaxing in the chair. During the time of my visit, all 10 barber chairs stayed occupied, as well as the additional semi-private booth in the rear where specialty hairstylist services for women, men and children (hair color, locs, twists, braids, weave and more) are offered. 

Booker brought his trade to Castleberry Hill over 20 years ago, and when asked why he set up shop in Castleberry Hill, he shared his decision was inspired and influenced by a couple of things: his son was attending Morehouse College nearby, but it was his friendship with Mr. Herman J. Russell, esteemed entrepreneur and founder of H.J. Russell that sealed it. Booker comes from a long line of entrepreneurs in his family. Hailing from Moss Point, Mississippi, he grew up in an influential, well-established, tight-knit community where entrepreneurialism was the norm, and he is no exception…Off The Hook Barber Shop is just one of the many business interests he owns, both here and in MS. He was in the eighth grade when he first picked up a pair of clippers, discovered he was good at cutting hair and has never looked back since. Little known fact about Booker is that he is an artist through and through, working with charcoals, in addition to being a cosmetologist.   

Off The Hook Barber Shop is an establishment where a variety of folks come through— celebrities, pro-athletes, and people of all professions feel like community when they visit. The vibe is so good, familiar and friendly; an observation that sticks with me is that as each man left the barber chair, they dapped everyone in the shop on their way out whether they knew each other or not. The transformative power of the cut is real— the confidence and swagger displayed by the men exiting was apparent. Off The Hook Barber Shop, a cornerstone of Castleberry Hill, is truly positive community in action! 

Off The Hook Barber Shop location:

257–A Peters St SW | 404.589.4625 | @offthehookbarbershop 


There is a new place to raise your vibration in Castleberry Hill! Check into the new “I  AM PEACE” Station on Peters Street for an immediate positive shift in your well-being.  Upon check-in, you’ll be welcomed with the greeting of your choice (a hug, handshake, namaskar, wave) and invited in for tea, deep breathing exercises, a “mindwash” (short meditation), aromatherapy and positive, uplifting conversation. Check-in takes about 15 minutes, with a guarantee to feel a better sense of well-being.  

Yvonne Rosegarden, (indigenous) Love Healer and Spiritual Counselor, started the “I AM PEACE” Station as a pop-up in metro Atlanta, showing up at MARTA Stations, parking lots, the Atlanta Beltline, and farmers markets during the pandemic era to address the feelings of isolation and disconnection people were experiencing. After witnessing and enjoying the positive effect the simple exchange of peace, kindness, and compassion had on commuters and passersby, she knew she had to keep it going.

Fast forward 3 years, and the “I AM PEACE” Station has found a stationary home at 210 Peters Street in the Locomotive Lobby of Smith & Porter Apartments. 

Castleberry Hill is the perfect neighborhood to focus on experiencing the art of personal peace, with its rich offerings and interesting, colorful residents. Yvonne is thoroughly enjoying settling in and enjoying the benefits of living and sharing the art of personal peace and high vibrational services with neighbors and visitors.

“I AM PEACE” Station is open to the public M-F, 11am-5pm.

High Vibrational services by appointment evenings and weekends.

  • $16.50 to check-in
  • $10 for CHNA members

CHNA monthly memberships (daily check-ins or by appointment) are available for $33. Purchase tickets at 

We’re excited to share updates and ticketing info. for Loft Tour & Wine Tasting on October 20.

Early Bird tickets can be purchased here. There are two options for participants: Loft only for $25, or Loft Tour & Wine Tasting for $50. Visitors will have 10+lofts to visit and more than 10 Wine Tasting stops to check out.

Experience Castleberry Hill Loft Tour & Wine Tasting

Step inside the storied lofts of Castleberry Hill, each one a testament to the neighborhood’s rich past. Explore exposed brick walls, soaring ceilings, and unique architectural details that reflect a bygone era while seamlessly blending with modern design. Wander through these living spaces that once housed industrial workshops and warehouses, now transformed into chic urban residences.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there. Embark on a wine tasting journey at local businesses scattered throughout the neighborhood. Sip and savor a variety of wines while discovering boutique shops and art galleries along the way. Indulge in shopping or pause to admire captivating artworks—all part of the Castleberry Hill experience.

As the sun sets, join us for the After Party on the Steele Bridge, a pedestrian bridge that spans the bustling rail lines below. Celebrate the day’s explorations amidst panoramic views of Atlanta’s skyline, surrounded by the vibrant energy of Castleberry Hill.

Thanks to our Sponsors

We wish to thank our presenting Sponsor Centennial Yards and Community Sponsor Councilmember Jason S. Dozier for their generous support.

Meet Shae Anthony: Life Coach, Spiritual Advisor, intuitive Reader.

Shae Anthony is our very own Life Coach here in Castleberry Hills, located at The Koncept House in suite #105. If you’re feeling stagnant energy, need clarity or just needing to talk with someone schedule your session today! Shae specializes in leveraging intuitive insight and Cognitive Behavior therapy to help individuals navigate through life. Phone, Zoom, or In-Person are available via appointments only!

Are You Ready For A Change?

L.Y.V.E provides a safe space to over come limiting beliefs and become empowered to make conscious choices to aligned with your authentic self!  Visit Koncept House where L.Y.V.E is newly located, or click here for more information

Amorous Tacos is a pop-up restaurant, food truck and catering company providing a Miami Southern twist to gourmet tacos and pasta dishes with premium meats.

Their business is unique as they are two sisters combining their talents to make you fall in love with tacos one bite at a time.  

Join them every Wednesday from 6pm-10pm on the back side of Koncept House, 151 Magnum St., for all you can eat tacos. 

Amorous Tacos also has a Food Truck!

Truck Buyout -Popup Restaurant -Catering Menu

Guidelines for booking the drip

 If booking the truck, there is a booking fee ranging from $375- $600 for up to 4 hours.  
If you would like to book them as a popup restaurant, there is a flat fee of $250. They can serve a maximum of 1000 people in a 4 hour span with catering menu.

Service and staffing fee of 20% is added to total invoice before tax. Download their PDF

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Melanated Beauty Spa’s newest location in Castleberry Hill, Atlanta! Nestled in the heart of our vibrant neighborhood, Melanated Beauty Spa offers a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation for our community.

Melanated Beauty Spa, specializes in providing personalized beauty and wellness services designed to enhance your natural beauty and promote overall well-being. Whether you’re seeking a refreshing facial, a soothing massage, or expert nail care, their talented team of professionals is ready to cater to your every need.

“We are excited to join the Castleberry Hill community and look forward to serving our neighbors with top-notch beauty and spa services,” says Shavarra Davis, owner of Melanated Beauty Spa, Atlanta. “Our goal is to create a welcoming space where everyone feels valued, appreciated, and pampered.”

Discover the difference at Melanated Beauty Spa, where beauty meets relaxation. Treat yourself to a luxurious experience and unwind in our serene atmosphere, conveniently located right here in Castleberry Hill. Stop by and meet owner, Shavarra Davis.

Stay tuned for upcoming specials, events, and exclusive offers tailored for our neighbors. We can’t wait to welcome you to Melanated Beauty Spa, Atlanta!


Atlanta Zoning 2.0 Now Ready For Review.

Over 10,000 public comments have helped shape Atlanta’s proposed zoning for the 21st century.

Thanks to your feedback, over the past year, the City’s Zoning Rewrite Consultant team has been busy converting Atlanta’s existing Zoning Ordinance into the new ATL 2.0 Zoning Ordinance “Discussion Draft.” This process has been guided by the Atlanta Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Diagnostic Report, public comments received in the 2022 and 2023 Idea Labs and Focused Workshops, and other City initiatives. The work has also been coordinated with the City’s ongoing Comprehensive Development Plan update, which you can learn more about at The new Zoning Ordinance will be released as a series of modules. Please join us on Monday, May 20th at Habitat for Humanity for the first of several meetings to review and discuss the new code. 824 Memorial Drive, Atlanta 30316.

Brooklyn Tea ATL | Sat, Jun 1 at 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Location: 329 Nelson St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313, USA

This will be a day full of fun, vibes and community that you don’t want to miss! Come out vibe with some of Atlanta’s best DJ’s, view Atlanta’s talented local artists, shop with amazing vendors and black owned businesses, and get acquainted with Castleberry Hill. Pull up besTEA! WE OUTSIDE! More info.

#thingstodo #atlanta #brooklyntea #blockparty

Snake Nation, now known as Castleberry Hill, was called a rowdy “shanty town” by the public press. Snake Nation was a settlement along the old White Hall Road (now known as Peters Street). During the 1840s and 1850s the settlement of Snake Nation was described as “devoted almost entirely to the criminal and immoral element” where drinking and gambling houses, brothels were plentiful, and murders were not uncommon. Snake Nation, along with the shanty towns of Slab Town and Murrell’s Row were burned down and the inhabitants run off when the Moral Party elected Jonathan Norcross as the new mayor in 1851, defeating Leonard C. Simpson of the Free and Rowdy Party.  Read more

Peters Street (formerly White Hall Road) was a segment of the Sandtown Trail, the Native American trade route that stretched east and west across Georgia, intersecting the Peachtree Trail at what became Five Points. The Sandtown Trail (the Peters Street segment) continues west toward a Creek Indian village near Utoy Creek and the Chattahoochee River. Around the year 1853 or before, White Hall Road was renamed Peters Street after Richard Peters, who was responsible for completing the Georgia railroad from Augusta to Atlanta. 

Walker Street: In 1848 Atlanta City Council was petitioned “for a street to be run from the bridge across the Macon and Western Railroads southwesterly to intersect with the White Hall Road (Peters Street) within the city limits.” The new street was named Walker Street, after Samuel Walker who owned a 189-acre farm that includes the present sites of Piedmont Park and the Piedmont Driving Club. 

Mangum Street was named after the Mangum brothers (who served as early clerics, lawyers and public office holders in Atlanta. 

Haynes Street bears the name of Reuben Haynes, r carpenter and cabinet maker. Booth’s Alley was the name of the section of Haynes between Peters and Walker Streets. 

Fair Street was named for the Agricultural Fair of 1850. Portions of Fair Street east of Castleberry Hill were renamed Memorial Drive. 

Castleberry Street and Castleberry Hill: sometime between 1859 and 1867, the family name Castleberry became associated with the area. M.T. Castleberry, a prominent businessman with extensive holdings in Atlanta, was the operator of a family grocery on the east side of Peters Street and owned the northern half of the block between Fair and Castleberry Streets; later extending his holdings on the east side of Peters Street near the railroad which he subdivided and sold. The peak that rises 1086 above sea level is located along Walker, between Fair and Stonewall Streets is THE Castleberry Hill.

Castleberry Hill is a federally recognized historic district since 1985 and was designated as a City of Atlanta Landmark District in 2006 by meeting the following criteria: Historic, Architectural, and Culture.

Reference:  Darlene Roth, “Castleberry Hill, Historic District Nomination Form