Amorous Tacos Is serving up deliciousness!

Amorous Tacos is a pop-up restaurant, food truck and catering company providing a Miami Southern twist to gourmet tacos and pasta dishes with premium meats.

Their business is unique as they are two sisters combining their talents to make you fall in love with tacos one bite at a time.  

Join them every Wednesday from 6pm-10pm on the back side of Koncept House, 151 Magnum St., for all you can eat tacos. 

Amorous Tacos also has a Food Truck!

Truck Buyout -Popup Restaurant -Catering Menu

Guidelines for booking the drip

 If booking the truck, there is a booking fee ranging from $375- $600 for up to 4 hours.  
If you would like to book them as a popup restaurant, there is a flat fee of $250. They can serve a maximum of 1000 people in a 4 hour span with catering menu.

Service and staffing fee of 20% is added to total invoice before tax. Download their PDF